Aviation consulting services, AOP support and Logistical support

Operating since 1998, the experienced gained over the years has given our promoters Mr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma and Mr. Wangchuk Shamshu a thorough and nuanced understanding of the Indian non-scheduled aviation market and related policy and regulations.

We provide aviation consultancy services and also work with a range of foreign clientele. We partner for projects in India through joint ventures, provide AOP support, give policy guidance and provide total ground logistical support. We are friendly and we work with transparency and punctuality.

Most recently in 2016-17 we were hired by Sterlite Power and Erickson Inc. USA to help import and operate the S-64 E sky crane helicopter for the first time in India. The helicopter was deployed in Jammu & Kashmir for construction of powerline transmission towers by Sterlite Power.