External Load Operations are the most cost effective and efficient solution for airlifting extremely heavy loads to high altitude remote locations, which may be inaccessible or difficult to reach by land. This job is done at land, and over water, for construction and other various purposes.

Our team of highly experienced pilots, engineers and ground support team ensures that these operations are completed in a safe, professional and timely manner, while maintaining the maximum productivity for our clients in the shortest duration possible.

We have successfully conducted Helicopter External Load Operations in many parts of India, like Poonch (J&K), Guptkashi (Uttarakhand), Junagadh (Gujarat) and Nasik (Maharashtra), among others.

Some of our work:

  • Off late, we conducted external load operations for Usha Breco Limited, for the construction of a ropeway at Girnar hill in Junagadh, Gujrat. Operating at approx 500-3500 ft, we ferried approx 50 tonnes of construction material to the Girnar drop site through our Aribus H125 helicopters, where the maximum weighing load that we ferried in single flight was 1,004 kg. This ropeway was constructed for pilgrims travelling to the Maa Ambaji temple at Girnar which earlier took 5,000 steps to reach. This is now the largest ropeway in Gujarat. Check out the video here.
  • In 2018, we conducted external load operations also known as under slung work at Uttarakhand for construction work at Kedarnath Dham at a high altitude of over 11,000 ft.
  • In 2015, we conducted external load operations for Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to install rock fall barriers over the famous Saptashrungi Temple near Nasik Maharashtra. The job involved airlifting and dropping all of the construction material and equipment from the base to the construction sites. Maccaferri was running short on time and gave us a deadline of 3 weeks to start the project. We secured all DGCA and local permissions, and wrapped up the project in time.

Helicopter External Load Operations are one of our specialized services, mainly because of our extensive work experience and aviation expertise which sets us apart from others. To know more about External Load Operations, check-out our blog here.