Perched amidst the Himalayan mountains at an altitude of 15,000 ft (approx.), Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib is the highest Sikh temple in the world. Join us on the Hemkund Sahib heli-tour, for a safe, comfortable & swift same day journey to this highly revered holy shrine.

Duration: 01 Days

Itinerary: Dehradun ➝ Ghangaria ➝ Dehradun

Operational During: May to June (Pre-monsoon), Sep to Oct (Post-monsoon).

Booking Registration

package includes:

>  Helicopter Flying from and to Dehradun.

>  Ground handling charges.

>  Royalty, Landing & Parking charges as per UCADA.

>  Breakfast/Lunch at Ghangaria.

>  Govt. Taxes.



    Guests are required to report at Sahastradhara Helidrome by 0600 hrs. On arrival at Sahastradhara helipad, our crew will receive the guests and brief them about the tour before boarding them for their flights.


    • Departure: 0630 hrs
    • Location: Sahastradhara
    • Altitude: 2,175 ft

    • Arrival: 0730 hrs
    • Location: Ghangaria
    • Altitude: 10,004 ft

    At Ghangaria, our crew will receive passengers and then their journey for Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib shall commence.

    It will take around 2 to 3 hours to complete the 6 km trek (One way). Since Hemkund Sahib is at very high altitude (15,200 ft) it is strongly advised that the guests hire pony/palki for the trek.


    • Departure: 1500 hrs
    • Location: Ghangaria
    • Altitude: 10,004 ft

    • Arrival: 1600
    • Location: Sahastradhara
    • Altitude: 2,175 ft

    After darshan, guests are required to start their return journey to Ghangaria by maximum 1230 hrs. Return journey shall take approx. 02 to 03hrs.

    At Ghangaria, our chopper will be ready to take-off for Sahastradhara by 1500 Hrs.

    Finally, when the guests arrive at Sahastradhara, our team will receive & welcome them back. This concludes our Hemkund Sahib tour.


    1. Accommodation at Dehradun:  
    • For the duration of your stay at Dehradun, our team can take care of your hotel bookings. FYI, we arrange hotels at the most attractive rates you can get.
    • Cost for the hotel booking shall be quoted to you at the time of booking of your Hemkund Sahib tour. Kindly check with our team for the same.
    • This booking must be done in advance.

    2. Hotel/airport transfers:
    • We arrange pick-up/drop services for our passengers at Dehradun.
    • Jolly grant Airport pick-up & drop = INR 5,000.
    • Hotel pick-up & drop (within Dehradun) = INR 2,000.
    • This booking must be done in advance.

    3. Booking of Scheduled/Non-scheduled flights to Dehradun:
    • Price on request.
    • While our team takes care of your entire Hemkund Sahib tour, they can further assist you in booking your air-tickets to Dehradun as well.

    4. Haridwar, Rishikesh or Mussorie visit:
    • INR 6,000 for 06 People
    • Our team can provide a car for same day visit to Haridwar, Rishikesh or Mussoorie from the city of Dehradun, before or after your tour.
    • This booking must be done in advance.


    • Passengers have to mandatorily follow the government prescribed measures in regards to COVID-19.

    • Passengers will be provided PPE gowns/kits, masks & sanitizers by our crew before boarding their respective flights.

    • Passengers should ensure social distancing with other pilgrims at the time of darshan.

    • Wearing a mask is compulsory to board the helicopter and must be worn at all times.

    • Post-flight our helicopters are sanitized and fumigated for the safe flying of our passengers.


    • Flying in hills is subject to weather conditions. And in regard to our Hemkund Sahib operations, we would like to bring to your kind attention that flight cancellations & other inconveniences due to weather are very much likely since weather is extremely unpredictable in the hills.

    • Passengers should come prepared to face the eventualities which can arise by bad weather/force majeure problems.

    • Force Majeure situations include cases of bad weather, low visibility for flying, delayed Air Traffic Clearances/Permissions, VVIP movements, valley flying by Indian Air Force (NOTAM), sudden occurrence of technical snag in aircraft, illness of flying crew or late reporting of the guests at the helipads, among others.

    • Further please note, in case of bad weather/force majeure situation, we will operate as per our policies mentioned in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ & ‘Important Guidelines & Policies’ sections.


    We operate Airbus AS350 B3 single engine helicopters. This helicopter is known for its high-altitude performance. The helicopter on this tour can accommodate a maximum of 5 passengers + 2 crew onboard, the maximum weight permissible of passengers is 375 kgs.


    Only one handbag weighing a maximum of 5kgs is allowed per passenger.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1: What will happen in case of bad weather?
    Ans: Passengers will be refunded as per Cancellation policy.

    Q.2: When does the Hemkund Yatra open every year?
    Ans: Hemkund yatra remains closed during the winter season November-April due to heavy snowfall in the region. Every year, the Opening Dates for Hemkund Sahib yatra are announced in the months of March/April, and the holy shrine remains open from May–October.

    Q.3: How much time will it take to reach Shri Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara?
    Ans: From Ghangaria, it is a 6 km trek to Gurudwara which will take around 2 to 3 hours.

    Q.4: What kind of clothing should I bring?
    Ans: Make sure to carry warm clothes irrespective of which season you are travelling in.

    Q.5: How much time will I get for darshan?
    Ans: 6 hours are permitted for the tour – which includes your both way trek & time for darshan. Trust us, 6 hours is more than sufficient. And, to finish the tour same day, passengers are required to strictly comply to our departure timings.

    Q.6: Which telephone network work?
    Ans: BSNL works at Ghangaria. But beyond Ghangaria, no network connections work.

    Q.7: Which is the best time to visit Shri Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara?
    Ans: The best time to visit is in the month of May - June & September - October. It is not advisable to travel during the months of July & August due to heavy monsoons.

    Q.8: Can we also visit Valley of flowers along with Hemkund Sahib?
    Ans: It is not possible to visit both the destinations in a same day trip. However, if the passengers wish to do the same, we can plan a customised heli-tour for them where we shall cover both the places.

  • Weather & What to wear

    • In the months of May–June, weather remain pleasant and temperatures remain around 11°C-23°C.
    • Comfortable summer leisure wear should be carried during the May-June season. It is advisable to carry one pair of woollen clothes.

    • During Sep-Oct, temperatures drop to around 0°C-10°C. Therefore, it is advisable to carry clothes for cold weather during these months.
    • We provide disposable raincoats to our passengers in case of rain.

  • health advisory

    Hemkund Sahib is situated at 15,200 ft. Since your Hemkund Sahib yatra is only for one day, the body cannot get enough time to acclimatize therefore it is advisable to go slow and always catch your breath.

    For your information if anyone exerts themselves too much too quickly, one of the common risks for the yatris is the development of acute mountain sickness (AMS). AMS, which affects the brain and lungs. Following are some common high altitude ailments and their symptoms.

    ( 1 ) Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS): AMS is the most common form of mountain sickness and may occur after you ascend to altitudes above 2500 m.
    Symptoms: Breathing problems, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, dizziness and difficulty in sleeping.

    ( 2 ) High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE): HACE is a severe form of AMS and occurs due to swelling of the brain tissue which may eventually impair the brain. The illness often manifests itself at night and may result in coma/ death within hours.
    Symptoms: Breathing problems, headache, fatigue, visual impairment, bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, disorientation and partial paralysis.

    ( 3 ) High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE): HAPE results in respiratory failure due to accumulation of fluid in the lungs. HAPE manifests itself at night (typically the second night of climbing in high altitude areas), progresses rapidly and may lead to fatality within hours.
    Symptoms: Shortness of breath even when resting, persistent dry cough, bright red stained sputum, weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, chest tightness, congestion and increased heart rate. Younger people are held to be more susceptible to this ailment as, in exuberance, they are inclined to over exert while trekking.
  • High Altitude Do’s & Don’ts


    • Take Palkis/Horses instead of trekking to avoid high altitude sickness.

    • Take short breaks to catch your breath when tired.

    • Notice any symptoms such as extreme tiredness, headache, nausea, loss of appetite or vomiting.

    • Saree is NOT a suitable dress for the Yatra. Salwar Kameez, pant-shirt or a track suit will be better. Ladies who are more than 6 week pregnant shall not be allowed to undertake the pilgrimage.

    • Keep spare clothes and eatables in a suitable water proof bag.

    • Carry some cold cream/Vaseline/sunscreen to protect your hands /face against sunburn etc.

    • Keep in your pocket your identity card with emergency contact number, incase of an emergency.


    • Don’t exert yourself too much and go out of breath.

    • Don’t ignore any symptoms such as extreme tiredness, headache, nausea, loss of appetite or vomiting.

    • Don’t stop at places which are marked by warning notices.

    • Don’t use slippers. Only wear trekking / sports shoes with laces.

    • Don’t attempt any short cuts on the route as doing so would be dangerous.

    • Don’t trek alone. Always stay together as a group. Your mobile network may not work.

    In respect of COVID-19, all necessary measures issued by the State & Central Governments would have to be adhered by the passengers. The measures shall be confirmed by HHSPL to the passengers 02-03 weeks prior to the date of arrival. Without adhering to the prescribed measures/requirements, boarding would be denied without any refunds.

    Guests have to MANDATORILY submit their correct weights at the time of booking. If any change in weight found at the time of their travel, from the submitted weights, which may lead to exceeding of our aircraft weight carrying capacity, guest(s) would be deboarded & cancelled for the Heli-tour, without any refund.

    • Weighing at the time of boarding the helicopter is a must, since the HHSPL shall not allow boarding in case the total weight exceeds the weight limitation of the helicopter. & due to the same reason, in case of more than 01 available aircraft, HHSPL reserve the right to shuffle passengers between helicopters to manage the right weight of helicopters for safe flying in the hills. Therefore, passengers travelling together might not be accommodated in the same helicopter flight.

    • When planning your tour, we strongly advise the guests to keep one additional day at hand at Dehradun, over & above, so that they do not end up in problem in case the weather gets very bad after the commencement of tour, which may lead to extension of their tour.

    AADHAR & PAN Card copies are to be shared mandatorily by all Indians, & passport is required in case of foreign nationals.

    • Network connectivity at Ghangaria & Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara is very poor. BSNL is the main telecom service provider, that work in Ghangaria and there will not be any network connectivity at Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. It is most likely, that guests would be cut-off from the outside world during their time there. However, the guests for any assistance can get in touch with the ground crew at Ghangaria Helipad. 

    • There is very limited space for luggage in the chopper, only 5 kg luggage per passenger will be permitted. Passengers bringing any excess baggage would not be allowed to take the same in the chopper.

    • Passengers can carry only one handbag each, as suitcases cannot be kept in the helicopter

    • Shri Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara is a very high-altitude destination, & guests are advised to carry their own medication with them during travel. Guests are also advised to carry heavy woollen clothing with them, since during evenings & nights the temperature drops drastically.

    • Passengers should be aware of the chances of high-altitude sickness. Hiring of Palki/Pony during the trek is advisable, in order to avoid any strenuous activity.

    • Passengers are advised to report at Sahastradhara helipad as per the time given by base manager. You are advised to arrive at Dehradun one day prior to your journey date.

    • Boarding & lodging charges on the day of arrival at Dehradun are not included in the package. It can be arranged by HHSPL on additional charges.

    • In case of any overnight stay at Govindghat/Ghangaria due to Bad Weather/Force Majeure conditions Boarding & lodging charges of the party and the HHSPL crew should be borne by the party to the hotel on direct payment basis

    • Any donations, tips, pitthu and porter charges shall be borne by the guests only.

    • Flying in hills is subject to weather conditions. And, in regards to our Heli-tour operations, we would like to bring to your kind attention that cancellations & other inconveniences due to weather are very much likely since weather is extremely unpredictable in the hills. Therefore, guests should come prepared to face the eventualities caused by weather problems. Further please note, in case of bad weather, we shall operate as per our policies mentioned in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ & ‘Important Guidelines & Policies’ sections.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Our Heli Tours are not available for the following VIP’s:
    - Speaker Lok Sabha
    - Dy. Chairperson Rajya Sabha
    - Central Ministers of Cabinet Rank
    - C J I Supreme Court
    - Governors of State
    - Chief Ministers of State
    - State Ministers of Cabinet Rank
    - SPG Protectees – Z category only.

    • HHSPL reserves the right to postpone the timings of flying, which is subject to weather conditions, & any extra night stay cost in case of bad weather will be borne by the client only.

    • Flying in hills are subject to many factors like delayed clearances from Air Force & Civil Aviation, VVIP movements, valley flying by Indian Air Force (NOTAM), bad weather, sudden occurrence of technical snag in helicopter, illness flying crew or late reporting of the guests at the helipads.

    • HHSPL reserves the right to cancel passengers, who are unruly, abusive, intoxicated, sick, mentally unbalanced or anyone else whom we deem to be unfit/unsafe to fly. No refund shall be issued to such passengers. 

    • In case of Heli-tour getting cancelled due to bad weather on the date of travel of the guests, the booking will not be revalidated for the next day. Refund as per the refunds/cancellations policy shall be done to the clients, with no further obligation of HHSPL whatsoever. Any kind of inconvenience caused because of cancellation of flights is beyond the control of the operator. No compensation, reimbursement or arrangements shall be offered in the event of cancellation of a flight.

    • HHSPL shall not be liable for any medical emergency on the ground to the party. Therefore, in your own interest, guests are hereby advised to kindly consult a doctor and get medical check-up done, before commencing the yatra. Medical check-up is mainly required if a guest has any medical suffering/condition.

    • Guests are required to pay the 100% excess charges before the commencement of tour. Passengers would not be allowed to board or commence the tour, without paying the full and final payable amount.

    The carriage is subject to Himalayan Heli Services regulations relating to the conditions of Non-International Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) framed in accordance with The Carriage by Air Act, 1972 and Notification regarding application of the carriage which is non-international. The liability of the company for damage sustained in the event of the death or wounding of a passenger or any other bodily injury suffered by passenger or by his registered baggage during the course of carriage by air will be governed by the provisions of sections 4,5,6 and the rules contained in the second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act 1972 with certain exceptions, adaptations, modifications, etc as notified in the Govt. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation Notification and as amended from time to time.

    Aerial Photography from Helicopter is illegal and punishable by law and photography at the helipad is strictly prohibited.

    Infant below 2 years/12kg are carried free of charge. In case of verification of age, ID proof/birth certificate of the child shall be checked.

    Only one handbag weighing a maximum of 5 kgs is allowed per passenger.

    Passengers would be taken on board depending up on the load and temperature conditions. Pilots call will be final. Maximum weight capacity of the helicopter is 450 kg (excluding baggage weight) at these destinations. All passengers on board must be within this limit. Hence, passengers are advised to provide us their exact weights at the time of booking and carry baggage within the permissible limit.

    The maximum seating capacity for this Heli-tour is 05 passengers + 02 Crew on board.

    Disputes as to legality, interpretation, application or performance of service or any of its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Delhi Jurisdiction.

    The booking has to be done in advance with a deposit of 10% of the Heli-tour amount. Full amount has to be deposited 7 days prior to date of travel.

    Rescheduling your travel date to any future or prior date, will be done subject to availability and on payment of 10% of the total Heli-tour cost. This will be permitted only if informed at least 07 days before arrival date. In case the rescheduling is requested in less than 07 days prior to the arrival, then the booking would be treated as cancelled and a fresh booking will be given subject to availability.

    If passengers wish to cancel their booking then they will have to pay following cancellation charges –
    - More than 15 days before the departure date — 70% of total tour cost will be refunded.
    - Between 08th to 15th day before departure date — 50% of total tour cost will be refunded.
    - Up to 07th day before the departure date — No Refund.
    - No show – No Refund.
    - Cancellation after commencement of Tour – No Refund.

    - In case Yatra gets cancelled/disturbed due to any force majeure, guests will be provided Credit Voucher from HHSPL for the advance paid, which will be valid for one year from the initial date of travel. Please note, advance once paid will not be refunded, but it can be utilised in the next one year against our helicopter tours/ charter services by availing the mentioned credit voucher.
    - Refund applicable if the entire Heli-tour gets cancelled on the flying date, minus INR. 10,000 towards flight preparation charges, the additional charges for the added services by guests (if any).
    - Where bad weather, technical snags or any force majeure reason beyond Himalayan Heli Services’ control results in the cancellation of your flight being delayed or cancelled, Himalayan Heli Services will not be liable in any way for the cancelled or delayed flight. However, refund will be given to clients as per our refunds policy. Any kind of inconvenience caused because of cancellation of flights is beyond the control of the operator. No compensation or reimbursement for accommodation, transportation, meals or any other travel expenses done by the guests shall be offered in the event of cancellation of a flight.
    - After commencement of the Heli-tour, if the aircraft has to return mid-way due to weather/force majeure conditions, guests will be charged for the flying time of the sector getting cancelled @ INR 90,000/hr plus GST, over & above the additional services rendered to the party.
    - Our obligation toward this Heli-tour is up to the date of travel booked. Under no circumstance, HHSPL shall increase the period for the guests, since we have advance bookings every day, hence carry forward of passengers will not be possible. In the mentioned period, HHSPL shall try to complete the Heli-tour for the guests that is possible, subject to weather conditions and other operational barriers.
    - In case the Heli-tour gets delayed due to bad weather, HHSPL shall not operate at after 0900 hrs, under any circumstance, due to turbulent wind conditions and the chances of completing the Heli-tour on same day is very less.
    - HHSPL shall solely decide the planning of flights for the Heli-tour groups, since we have to cater for multiple number of groups, in case of Bad weather/Force Majeure situation.
    - No additional ferry flights shall be borne by HHSPL under any circumstance. If any passenger(s) require ferry flights to be operated for them in emergency on personal request, cost for the same shall be charged to the party @ INR 90,000/hr plus GST.
    - In regards to the guests stranded at Ghangaria, if any group requests to cancel their tour on their own desire and come down before their scheduled return date, the arrangement of vehicle for their return journey by road shall be done by HHSPL, however, cost for the same shall be borne by the guests on direct payment basis.

    • No refund is applicable, in case the client cancels the Heli-tour and wishes to return back to base after the commencement of flying.

    • Bookings will be accepted, only on acceptance of the above-mentioned terms & conditions by the guests. In case of booking through a tour operator/travel agent, the same shall be applicable.

Helipad Location
Hemkund Sahib Ji, Chamoli district, Uttarakhand 246130